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The Album - Soothing Sounds for Babies

The sounds on this Album are ideal for your home, outside, and even for your car. You can purchase the album on Amazon. You can stream the album also on Spotify

No more sleepless nights: These everyday sounds soothe restless babies to sleep

I don't know if you've ever heard, but it's a fact that a vacuum cleaner is not only good for cleaning, but that it also has a calming effect on babies. So does a hairdryer, which has an especially powerful impact on lulling newborns to sleep. As a happy father I can confirm the calming effect of these sounds. I'ts mentioned in many baby advice books and even midwives and pediatricians recommend using them.

Especially in the first few weeks and months after birth, the sudden lack of the comforting and protective womb causes restlessness. The new feeling of having an endless unfamiliar space around them causes irritation and discomfort, hece leading to the search for the cuddliness of the womb. Colic is also often a reason for restlessness. Monotonous everyday sounds remind babies of their time in the womb. The time before birth is a worry-free, secure, and safe time in which babies feel the protection of their mothers. The sound of a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or even a washing machine is similiar to the sounds they hear in the womb. These sounds take restless babies back to this time and help to calm them down.

The sounds on this album are ideal for your home, outside, or even for your car. Energy efficient and always accessible, your sleepless nights will become a thing of the past. You can purchase the album on Amazon. You can stream the album also on Spotify.

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